Beginning to Share on Twitter

Today we have a few resources for you to explore as we begin to think about how we will use our Twitter account to share back to our PLN.  The third week of this course is all about curation, so we will address the topic in much more detail at that time.

Today we will look at the mechanics of sharing with colleagues on Twitter.

Thanks to Brandon Zoras (@brandonzoras) for sharing another awesome screencast to help guide you in your learning.

Learning Activities

1) As we work toward becoming connected professional learners on Twitter, we need to consider the “big picture”, and how our new ways of learning will impact our work with our students. How does this article on Education 3.0 impact your thinking about becoming a connected educator?  If this resonates with you, how can you share it on Twitter with your PLN?

2) What sites do you visit online for professional learning?  You may want to read some of the blogs written by Ontario educators.  The links can be found on the OSSEMOOC website.  As you read, what resonates with you?  What would you like to share with others? Is there an easy way to share the blog on Twitter? Can you add the Twitter handle of one of the educators on our class Twitter list to the Tweet? Add the #OSSEMOOC hashtag so others following this MOOC will see your tweet.


For many more resources on this topic, please explore this OSSEMOOC post from last year.


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